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J. R. Ford


We have many years experience in the construction of reservoirs. From planning stage through to the finished reservoir.





Depending on underlying conditions a reservoir may be totally excavated into the clay subsoil or, where there is insufficient clay in the soil, a clay lined reservoir may be constructed. In the complete absence of any clay in the soil profile a fully lined reservoir can be constructed.


Laser levelling technology attached to our plant allows us to achieve accurate levels.

Lakes and Ponds

From small duck ponds to large fishing lakes. We will construct to your instructions.  We also specialise in waterbody repair work.



Also we clean out ponds and lakes and clear surrounding area when required.

Agricultural Buildings

We are experienced in conducting all earth works necessary to prepare a site for building. Including removal of topsoil from over site, placement of hardcore and drainage plus any other necessary over site work.

We are equally happy working in conjunction with your builder or we can offer a full Farm Building Service.

General Agricultural Contracting

We also offer general contracting services including but not limited to:


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